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or to empty myself

because there may

be nothing left to

want/that is one

way to stay gravitational/

the difference between

force exerted & a body

saturated by oxygen as

in sleep–this story

is no more real than

the formlessness of the

body; the root,

not abiding anywhere/                  or

that consciousness is constantly

moving forward, one

thought succeeding another without

interruption/divisions of

time never halting/ but to be so

full of fantastic desire is to

physically alter the form/the

body becomes its own

impeding mountain/ content

on obstruction/but

to look into a bowl of

water and to see a


arises, the gift like

candlelight/this process

too is in tune with an

origin/free from a time-

bound order of events, the

obstruction diminished

by habitual


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memory/& my

mind nailed

the porch to

the sun /how

tight the material/& she

with a need that could

seed me/not every-

thing here is to

scale/but what

warded off want/and

her mouth had a voice

I’ve embedded

with skin/to say the day is

a taste I cant seem to

finish/but then desire

was never the point/so the

story ends here/with

the grass burnt

yellow by the

light & the

way she sped

up still stuck

to my hand

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or narrative with

some less nest

but maybe

to thrill a little like the

day could humble

itself into memory for

instance, the cunt

she pressed into a

rock as if intaglio would

settle something

between us not

yet worked to

the cusp, mine

own indelible


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or caveat, when

light approaches

porch/enters even/



had screen through

when slammed or something

shifts/under duress the

muscles seize, i

remembers to

locks/had hidden/

a little faded

outside/ pulled up

/tighter even

by night/ the

jasmine /skirt

sickly/wants meaning smell

opened mine/ or

swallow down/some

fresher still/way to

gate it out/then

arms like


fitted/and initiation/to

country/ life meaning

threshold/ even roads

can be body-strong/tone-

in just dirt and no

trees/drive but held

it /too


choked cant

awning out/found

/several feet

from the window

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some purple sun had

pulled us


erasable roof and

lucid/landing time

is typical

as it

isn’t or doesn’t/occurring

like scent

caught on an

edge/that lip/looks

damp or

ready in

any case/the course


by access

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events are/discrete patterns/performed at night/inarticulate/limb movement/airflow uses pressure/common/uses electrodes/pathological/dream speech: words/is typically harmless/mumbling/motoric/sleep studies/test/frequency &/elaboration of/dream content/sleep is staged/parasomnia can be quite loud/these actions may constitute/sleep cycle/muscle activation & rhythm/less-deep delta-wave NREM sleep/the number of minutes or/epochs/wandering automatism may be/insane or otherwise/sleep paralysis/hypnagogic state at sleep onset/its twin is conflated/hypnopompic state of/consciousness leading/out of sleep/onset/often non-linear/temporary arousals/a rational waking cognition/links between heredity and somniloquy/monitored slow /wave sleep stage/dim and glazed over/little/memory and altered/into a state/idle detecting/sound waves are ideal/to differentiate/attacks most often occur/at any stages/it will/only occur/once/on any given night

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